The Honesdale SkillShare is a creative attempt to unearth the “collective genius” of the greater Honesdale community. Every person in our community is both a student and a teacher. Every person has something to share, whether it’s knowledge, a skill or simply energy. The Honesdale SkillShare is all about looking within our community to discover forgotten knowledge, comprehend new knowledge and teach skills that are applicable to our lives today and in the future.

Our Current Schedule:

Do you have a skill that you’d like to teach or share?  Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? If so, please fill out the Transition Honesdale SkillShare Survey! We will schedule classes based on the information we get from you, so don’t hold back!

We are also all about having fun and celebrating this beautiful place we call home. When we share time, creativity, ingenuity and learning we build our community by increasing it’s cohesion and resilience. We have a lot to learn from our neighbors so let’s get started!

We are just beginning this project and are looking for folks who are interested in helping us get the SkillShare off to a running start. If you think that’s you, please contact us at

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