Transition Honesdale Winter Film Series

Our winter film series last year caught the interest of quite a few of you, so we’re offering one viagra canada again. This year’s theme will be food, focusing on how to make a diet of local foods, how to raise a lot of food in a small space, and how to address the staggering issue of hunger in our own country.

url-1Our February film offering will be “Eating Alabama,” a 2013 documentary film. Advertised as a story about “why food matters,” young filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace describes it this way: “In search of a simpler life, a young couple returns home to Alabama, where they set out to eat the way their grandparents did—locally and seasonally. But as they navigate the agro-industrial gastronomical complex, they soon realize that nearly everything about the food system has changed.” A thoughtful and often funny essay on community, the South and sustainability, “Eating Alabama” is a story about why food matters.


homegrown-revolution-poster-lrgOur second screenings, in March, will focus on how to grow food in our own backyards and community gardens. We’ll begin with a short film called “Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System,” which focuses on how to produce more food locally to keep money in the region, support local business, and have delicious fresh produce for our tables. The other film, “Homegrown Revolution,” focuses on the Dervaes family of Pasadena, California, who have transformed their home into an urban homestead. They harvest over 6,000 pounds of organic food from their 1/10 acre garden, incorporating many back-to-basics practices, as well as solar energy and biodiesel. An inspiration, indeed!


0513338WRP_r4.inddThe April film offering will be “A Place at the Table,” which addresses the issue of hunger right here in the United States. Using interviews and actual footage of families living with food insecurity every day, we get to know some parents and children “personally” who are struggling with hunger—and its devastating consequences—in their daily lives. We’ll view excerpts from this powerful film to allow time to explore solutions.

There will be a discussion following each film to allow you to express your thoughts and emotions that these films have evoked, and to exchange views with others.
The film showings are co-sponsored by the Caretakers of God’s Creation, Friday Friends United Methodist Women, and First Place for Health of the Beach Lake United Methodist Church.

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