Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy

Here are some local resources and some ideas from group discussions about this issue:

Home Electric:

Home Heating:

  • Conservation (insulating, turning down the thermostat) is the most important step, so check out SEEDS
  • Geothermal options – contact Kathy Dodge at
  • Biomass such as switchgrass – contact Bob Thomas at
  • Solar hot water heaters
  • Passive solar is best for new construction or additions – these are buildings designed to capture the heat of the sun during cold months and to shade the home during warm months


Other ideas for future transportation:

  • public transportation: Bev Beers & her team are investigating a bus line from Hawley to Scranton
  • let’s add wind-powered electric car chargers at the visitor’s center for people who will drive electric cars to visit Honesdale

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